When Argos Came Home

12 week old Argos after a particularly exciting play session.

I decided to adopt Argos from the Inland Valley Humane Society in early Fall of 2010. I had never had pet dog before and it was not a decision I took lightly. I was living with my mother and my younger siblings at the time so I knew that I could count on their help for support. Nothing I read or heard from relatives, forums and friends could prepare me for the challenge that owning a dog truly meant.

Argos was a tough one to potty train, mainly because at first he lacked any sort of consistent schedule. Believe it or not, to a newbie such as myself it was not common sense that a dog should be taken out at regular intervals and that he should have a set feeding schedule. My living situation at the time meant that Argos was exposed to about 6 people at random times of the day and all with separate ideas as to how he should be taught. As a pet parent I found my voice and made it very clear how I wanted this great feat accomplished and we did it! By Christmas that year Argos was fully trained and no longer contained in his crate at night. Consistency and praise prevailed.

After Christmas ’10 I moved out on my own. That was toughest year of my life for a number of reasons and I think I got through it all only because of Argos. Maybe one day I’ll share that with you.

Then there was the picky eating problem that spanned from Fall ’10 through the Summer of 2011. Argos didn’t like to eat his kibble. He refused to the point of starvation. Sometimes he would take exactly one bite and walk away until the next day. I would wake up to green/yellowish bile looking vomit on my bedsheets, because you know, there was never a better place to puke than on the bed. I was told he had been eating Science Diet before and I decided to switch him to the Wellness Just For Puppy Formula. He would eat  the kibble only until he lost all curiosity for it, usually after three or four days. Then I tried Merrick’s Puppy Plate and he tolerated that for a couple of days only. I feel that since then, both Wellness and Merrick have revamped their whole line of products to include more recipes that people are learning is better for their mutt friends. It certainly was not like this when I started out with Argos. This was a problem for about 6 months until I gave up and decided to be proactive about it. Grain-free turned out to be the key for Argos and I will expand on this later.

Argos and I no longer live alone. In 2012 I moved out with my boyfriend of seven years and while life is great again, its been a hell of ride! I’ve learned a lot about myself and about Argos and he in turn has showed me what unconditional love is.