Argos’s Separation Anxiety

Argos and I have been through some tough living situations. A couple of years ago I was going through a huge transition in my life and I found myself without a place to live. Thankfully I had a job and a very dear friend of mine rented me a room in his home. He also accepted Argos into his home and I will always be thankful for that. Because my new home was super far away from my work, I was putting in my 40 hours at work and then 20 hours a week traveling back and forth. Two hours there, two hours back on public transportation because I didn’t own a car (still don’t).

I couldn’t afford to move closer to work and my boss helped me out by paying for my public transportation fare. This meant that Argos spent A LOT of time without me. I was selfish. I didn’t want to give him up. He made my super shitty days working and traveling worth it.

So to help him not have such a boring time alone at home during the day; once a week he would go to doggy day care, two days a week he would go to my boyfriend’s mother’s house and spend the day there. On the other two days my housemates whom got home way earlier than me would let Argos out and let him roam free or play fetch with him in the backyard. That’s what I miss the most now that I live in the city, the backyard. And on the weekend, it was a mandatory visit to the dog park.

Still my Monday through Friday schedule took a toll on Argos. He developed what I think was separation anxiety. Every time I left him at home alone for even short periods of time, he would start to shake, bark and whine. I would leave treats and toys for him but he wouldn’t touch them until I got back.

When Ellie came home, that all changed. When I leave to go out or to run errands, I put them together in the kitchen and I gate them off. Argos no longer whines or shakes or barks. Ellie never has but I am so, so happy that Argos feels he has company. Obviously we no longer live like that. I moved A LOT closer to work and both his quality of life and mine have changed so drastically. He and he alone helped me get through that very tough time in my life and for that I will be forever grateful and I am very happy that Ellie is helping him heal in that respect. I love my mutts.

Argos is actually yawning as I prepare to leave on an errand.