And We’re Back!

Howdy Peeps!

It’s been a while. Been working like a dog…certainly not like my dogs. These guys eat and nap their day away. But I have been working quite a bit for the past 5 months and some things had to be put in the back burner…ok, maybe completely off the stove. By that I mean the blog, not my dogs. Chris and the dogs take front and center. I’m not a person who does well on a routine, much less a routine that requires me to do more than is required for the proper running of our lives. But it doesn’t matter how busy and tired I am, I think writing a couple times a week is like exercising, you just have to do it for the sake of structure, health and sanity. So here I am, and if there is anyone out there who actually likes reading what I put out, then to you I say; I’m back baby!

What are we waiting for?

What are we waiting for?

 Doggy Daycare

Like I said, it’s been a busy five months and there hasn’t been a shortage of adventures with these two mutts and I plan to tell you all about it. So I missed this little nook of cyberspace and the dogs missed having me around pretty much all the time. We’ve all suffered a little, I know. So the first thing Chris and I did was to pay a visit to our local Eco Dog Daycare to talk to them about their day care packages. Argos had been here plenty of times but our concern was Ellie. She is not the quickest to warm up to stranger dogs or humans. We talked to the owner, told her my concerns and she promised Ellie would be safe and that they would keep an eye on her. So once a week when possible, Ellie and Argos spend a day at Eco Dog Daycare to give them that opportunity for an interaction with other dogs and people. I get a report on Ellie every time there is anything to report. I’m told she is slowly warming up to other dogs. All the neighborhood dogs come to Eco Dog so its always fun to see them there. Actually, its always fun to see most of them there. There is a dog named Biscuit whom the dogs and I are not very fond. He goes there too but he is kept in check by the staff at Eco Dog, so I rest easy.

So then, what do I do with the rest of my minutes, hours, days and weeks? It goes something like this.

Routines Routines Routines…blegh!

wake up, brew coffee/ eat breakfast, go on a 30-40 min walk (the walk is only 1 mile but this is how long it takes my dogs to sniff out the previous day’s events), feed dogs, get lunches ready, get in at least one chore. Fast forward to after work: come home, relieve dogs, feed dogs, exercise, get in the shower ,put dinner on the table, eat dinner, clean up, get another chore done, spend time with the dogs, call it a day. Ok fine, getting that second chore done at the end of the day is more wishful thinking than anything else. I’ve said it before; I don’t know how parents do it. I don’t have kids and I can barely get through my day.

This I have to say. Two dogs will teach you discipline! And here I thought I was training them…So while time is in short supply in this house, I’ve decided My Mutt Friends will take more priority. The goal has always been to share the adventures of a person who doesn’t know what she is doing half the time and the two companions who willingly submit themselves to the experimentation.

This took you an hour?

This took you an hour?

Upcoming Projects

So the question is, am I making too much of this? I ask friends and family how they cope with having to cater to those who depend on them like children, husbands, pets etc. and I always get different answers. A lot of people don’t cook, at least not every day. Others are more than willing to pay for services like dog grooming, walkers and home cleaning services. I’m trying to lead a frugal but fulfilling life here…sheez! Does that mean frugality costs? Frugal or not, there is a cost to everything whether it be time or money and I’m learning that first hand.  So I’ve set a list of projects for myself to be completed before the end of Summer. One of them is to find space in my 720 sq. ft. apartment  (yeah, you read that right) to fit a small freezer for the storing of homemade pre-prepared foods. This is in an attempt to spend less time in the kitchen during the weeknights. What does this have to do with the dogs? Well, less time in the kitchen, more time goofing around chasing toys and giving out treats.