Buddy Wash Review: Green Tea & Bergamot Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

$16.17 for a 2-pack of 16 oz bottles

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On February 23, 2015
Last modified:February 24, 2015


Its smells fantastic. Not sweet or fruity, just a nice crisp citrus smell. I almost want to say its a more masculine fragrance...but I don't know what makes me think that... and its a great price for a shampoo and conditioner combination product.

We have been using the Buddy Rinse Lavender and Mint for over a year and we used the last drop of it last week. For those of you who currently own a bottle of Buddy Rinse Lavender, here’s a tip for you; You can dilute the stuff and it does it’s job just as well. I find that in its original state, its too viscous and I found it hard to spread a good blob over a the whole dogs back. I realized it could be slightly thinned out for spreadability when I started to run low on the stuff. I was waiting on Cherrybrook to deliver what would turn out to be a disappointing product called Condition Plus by Crown Royale.

In need of a conditioner that didn’t smell like granny’s perfume, I took to the internet to look for another conditioner. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Lavender and Mint Buddy Rinse but Chris was never a fan of the smell so he asked me to look for something else to use instead. I came across the Buddy Wash Shampoo and Conditioner in Green Tea and Bergamot. Having had a good experience with the Buddy Rinse, I decided to give the same makers, Cloud Star, a chance and try this fragrance. Well…it was a hit. I loved it and Chris loved it. I’m not a big fan of green tea anything but in this shampoo and conditioner combination, you can barely smell it. What you can smell is the bergamot. In my life I’ve never ever smelled bergamot but its a wonderful smell. It’s a strong citrus scent and I have a good feeling the green tea kind of tames it a bit. I really don’t think I’ll be trying anything else for a really long time. My only pickle with this product is that I wish it were only a conditioner. I use a rather inexpensive shampoo that does its job well and I use the conditioner to give the dogs coat a nice softness.