Carsickness in Dogs

On Ellie’s first car ride home after adoption day at Lange she rode on my lap and we rolled the windows down because she stunk to high heaven. It was bad, like urine, feces and spoiled food. I guess regular bathing is not a priority of a rescue foundation and I can understand that. I also noticed while we made a pit stop at Starbucks and waited for Chris in the car, that Ellie was drooling excessively. I thought, great I broke the new dog. I know very well what excessive drooling means. Argos, a few months back, had been drooling and vomiting excessively one day and the vet told us at the time he most likely had gotten into something he shouldn’t have. He put him on a low residue diet, injected him with fluids because he was dehydrated and a couple days later, Argos was just fine.

So I called the rescue and I asked if they knew if Ellie had been sick, if they had seen any vomiting or other signs of illness. They had not and they didn’t know why she would be drooling so much. They said, its probably nothing.

So I left it at probably nothing. Got home, bathed her, fed her and she was acting like her very happy and healthy self. I began making trips to Vet for physical exams and various vaccinations and I noticed every time I drove Ellie anywhere, she would get drooley. One final day, it got so bad for her that she puked in the car from the nausea she felt. I looked up carsickness in dogs and bingo! All the symptoms fit perfectly. She would feel so sick in the car that she would refuse to jump in. She still does.

On one of those visits to the vet, I spoke to him about it and he recommended I give her time to adjust and grow out of it. He said this happened to puppies sometimes. Ellie, though, wasn’t growing out of it and the puking and the crying got worse. So I went back to the vet and I asked him for an alternative. He recommended I give her half a tablet of Benadryl 30 minutes before a trip and this has worked out great!! She’s snoozes through the trip and the drooling is minimal and their is no upchuck. When drive to the park I don’t give it to her. Its a short drive and I just clean up her drool from her fur before I let her in the park. On the way back, she is so tired from playing that she sleeps on the way home and there is no drooling!!


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  1. John McVey

    I have had Chienne since she was six weeks old and she has always been terrified of the car. She is not sic or drools but she cries, whines, whimpers and generally is very stressed and agitated. We do know that she has very sensitive hearing so perhaps there is some noise when the engine is running that she hears and we do not. I have spoken to the vet on several occasions and we not give her half a tablet of APC before we take her out – which is not often because of the stress it seems to cause her.

    1. Norma

      Hi John! Sorry to hear about your doggie’s car trouble. I think because I didn’t address the car sickness in time (drooling, vomiting) Ellie is conditioned to feeling uneasy when we approach the car, sit in the car, or hear the car engine (Hybrids make a very particular low sound). I think, like Chienne, she gets really stressed out. She’s had routine check ups at the Veterinary and they’ve never mentioned any issues with the ears. How did you find out Chienne had sensitive hearing?

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