Dog-sitting Lola & Ben

Over the weekend I did a little bit of doggy sitting for one of Chris’s co-workers. World, meet Lola and Ben!


Ben’s thorough inspection.

It’s always fun to experience another dog’s idiosyncrasies. Ben is the gentlest, most calm dog I’ve ever met. Lola on the other hand is a spunky little chihuahua. She’s the boss and she let’s you know right away. So Ben let’s his little sister keep guardianship of their home. They were both adopted in adulthood from a shelter and they are so well socialized, people and their dogs stop to say hi to them on the street. It’s almost as if Lola & Ben went around introducing me on our walks “Don’t mind her, she’s a stand in for our usual human”.


Ben sniffs out my dog walking bag. I’m sure he can smell the training treats I carry for Ellie and Argos.



Lola built herself a fortress of her momma’s pillows on the bed and Ben used the couch cushions as his own personal perch to look out the window to wait for her.

The both vetted me with a good sniffing session before we want out for our evening walk.



It’s not the first time I care for them while their owner is away so we got re-acquainted fairly quickly and got down to business. I’ve found that Ben, Lola, Ellie and Argos enjoy it when I sit with them while they eat. I’d venture to say they find it comforting. When I first brought Argos home with me, he wouldn’t eat. I’d sit next to his bowl and encourage him and it worked. He would eat slowly, sit on my lap, go back for some more kibble etc. To comfort Lola and Ben, I sat with them while they nibbled on their food. After a while Ben had enough and was happy to just lay on the floor next to me and together we watched Lola finish dinner.


Dinner time, sleepy time.

Dinner time, sleepy time.

Dinner time, quality time.

Dinner time, quality time.

It’s interesting to see how dogs miss their owners and how they exhibit this emotion. Lola, after she does her business, wants to come right back home to wait for her owner and Ben will hasten his pace when we turn the corner on our way home from a walk. All in all, they are happy and healthy dogs and love their human with the fervor only a dog can express. A more loving and caring home they could not have found.