Ear Cleaner: FURminator


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On March 31, 2014
Last modified:March 30, 2014


It has an odd smell, leaves a sticky residue on your hands and the dog's ears continue to itch and bother her. It did not help the ear smell either.

No one ever told me I had to regularly clean my Cockapoo’s ears to keep ear infections at bay. My Veterinarian certainly didn’t, he just handed me antibiotic and ear cleaner after the second infection and gave me two weeks worth of instructions. So after two weeks, Ellie’s ears were infected again. I did some research and found out what I needed to know about the subject. After I ran out of the 4 oz bottle of Melon Scented ear cleaner from the Veterinarian, I called to see how much they would charge me for another 4 oz bottle of this beautifully scented stuff and as soon as they said $23 dollars, I said thank you and promptly hung up. Are you frigging kidding me? $23 dollars for 4 Oz?!

I took to Amazon to see about more affordable ear cleaners and at $6 I thought I would give FURminator a try. This stuff sucks, don’t use it. It smells unpleasant, its sticky, it doesn’t help with the bad ear smell and Ellie’s ears were still bothering her. You know how I know? She puts her ear down on the floor and than drags herself from one side of the room to the other with her ear firmly planted on the floor.

I couldn’t bare to see her suffer anymore so I called the Vet and it went something like this “Can you fix me the biggest bottle of your ear cleaner?” After being disappointed by FURminator and the bad experience with Natural Choice, it was time to spend the big bucks so my girl would be ok.

And because things rarely go the way I need them to, this ear cleaner from the Vet is not the melon scented one I was expecting. No. For $23 I got a 4 oz bottle of what smells like my grandpa’s Sunday cologne. You know, the real musky woodsy stuff. Chris picked it up from the Vet on his way home one day so of course I didn’t get a chance to smell the stuff before they charged it to my credit card. When I called the Vet’s office to see if they could give me the melon-scented ear cleaner, they told me they never carried such a thing. You know how I know it’s melon-scented? BECAUSE THEY TOLD ME WHEN I BOUGHT IT THE FIRST TIME. I didn’t argue. I said thanks and hung up. But you know what? Ellie’s Ears are nice and clean and that’s all that matters.

For the record, I’ve tried making my own based off of recipes from the world wide web and I just can’t stand the smell of vinegar. After a couple of uses, I chucked this homemade concoction.

So the point of this long-winded whine is, stay away from the FURminator Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats. Save yourself $6 bucks.