Ellie Comes Home


Left: Ellie Right: Elise

This past June (’13) my boyfriend and I decided we were ready to adopt another furry four legged creature of the Canis lupus familiaris type. We searched around for a while, we went to a lot of adoption day events in our area and then one night while aimlessly searching petfinder, I came across a litter of cocker spaniel poodle pups at a the Lange Foundation.

When I saw the puppies’s pictures on Petfinder, Chris and I decided that we were interested in the puppy named Elise. Upon meeting Elise it was immediately clear that she had no interest in us and she kept running off to chase the rustling leaves. One of the staff members asked if we wanted to see Ella (we renamed her Ellie on adoption day) and we said, why not.

When Chris saw Ellie for the first time, I  saw a smile spread across his face. Ellie was shy and just stood as close to the wall as possible. When I coaxed her to come over, she ran to Chris first and climbed on his lap and proceeded to lick him. After some more coaxing, she came to me and gave me the same greeting. Before we left her that afternoon, Chris picked her up and she just slumped her little head on his chest. She was all we could talk about that night.


Ellie at Lange Foundation

Two days later after home inspections and paperwork, Ellie came home for good. I decided to rename her Ellie because Ella in Spanish means “Her”, and that’s just plain silly. She is no longer shy and her only difficulty is being able to control her little body when she gains pouncing speed.