Ellie Waits Her Turn (Teeth Brushing)

Ellie does this every time she sees me at the bathroom sink. And she goes nuts when I set up to brush her teeth. I can say with certainty that you can definitely teach enthusiasm with treats.


She heard the clicking of the toothbrush against the holder.


Sniffing around, investigating the situation.


Yeah, she ain’t leaving.

11 Comments Ellie Waits Her Turn (Teeth Brushing)

  1. Sassmuffins

    Oh how cute. My girl loves having her teeth brushed now, especially when I use the CET poultry flavored toothpaste. She LOVES that stuff!

    1. amronav

      That’s what I use! CET Poultry flavor toothpaste, the love it…Can you imagine brushing your teeth with chicken flavored toothpaste?

  2. Tenacious Little Terrier

    The dogs tolerate teeth brushing here. If they hated it, I would put more time into getting them to like it but as of right now they put up with it for the post-brushing treat.

  3. Ledfoots Pet Bakery

    Miss Daisy won’t let you near her mouth. She gets a braided bully stick which does a nice job of removing tar and plaque.


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