My Mutt Friend Ellie


Ellie on our car ride home.

I met Ellie on a really sunny day this summer (’13) at the Lange Foundation. I was looking for another mutt friend and she was looking for a new home. She was the third in a litter of four Cocker Spaniel/Poodle puppies. There were three girls; Ella (Ellie), Elodie, Elise and one boy, Ernie. Ellie chose me as much as I chose her, she was a timid little fur ball but she crawled over to where I was sitting on the floor, climbed on my lap and began licking my hands.

The shyness didn’t last, this little girl is as rambunctious as they get. She likes to go on long walks around the neighborhood, will do anything for treats, likes to provoke her brother Argos into frenzied play and unlike him, she loves baths. She looks forward to breakfast and dinner and her favorite pastimes include; stealing undergarments and sock chewing. World, meet Ellie.