Grooming Hairy Dogs

After picture. As you can see I haven't learn how to work with lighting when it comes to pictures

After picture.

It’s expensive to own dogs. It’s true you can make it less costly and that’s exactly what I am trying to do.

Both Argos and Ellie have long coats and so far I’ve had to send Argos out to the groomers about every other month. With one dog, I suppose it didn’t matter as much. For two dogs, the cost built up quickly and it occurred to me that I could groom them myself and save some money. I can afford the time and I figured why waste the money.

I was debating between different brands of dog hair clippers but I think I’m just gonna go, as usual, with the amazon bestseller; The Wahl Pet Pro 9281-210 $29.97. My neighbor who clips his dog’s hair himself also highly recommended it because of the price and because it works well.

I think I have the basic equipment for grooming. These are the things I’ve gathered over the years for one reason or another:

  • Pet Nail Clippers (Amazon) $8.49
  • Dremmel (Amazon) -a motorized emory board, sometimes its not enough to clip, the harsh clipped nail edges need to be rounded. $24.97
  • Top Paw Ball Tipped Scissors (PetSmart) $13.99
  • Top Paw Thining Shears (PetSmart) $14.99
  • Grreat Choice Pin Brush (PetSmart) $4.99
  • Grreat Choice Slicker Brush (PetSmart) $4.99
  • FURminator (Amazon) For Small Dogs, Long Hair $19.70
  • Gloves – to express the anal glands

I set up my grooming station in the balcony. I gave Ellie a bath, expressed her glands, brushed her teeth and cleaned her ears (she’s prone to ear infections and water in the ears make those happen). I dried her up, put her out in the balcony and went to work with the rounded scissors on the paw pads. Hair grows between them and according to the countless youtube videos by experts and non experts, the hair there should be removed.

Then I turned on the my brand new shiny clippers and went to work. Holy guacamole, the hair! It was everywhere.

Let me tell you something. I have a new found respect for dog groomers. Ellie wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to do long, even strokes. I used the smallest clip guard I could use because I didn’t want her hair to be too short and because I was still secretly scared that I would somehow hurt her with the clippers.

Three hours later, most of her hair look pretty decent. You remember those magic eye posters where you had to either focus or unfocus your sight so you could see what the posters were really about? Well, if you ever see Ellie in person, if you just slightly unfocus your eyes, she doesn’t look so bad. In reality, hair is longer in her face and feet because I was afraid to her hurt her and she was super fidgety when I went there.

I’ll get faster and better I’m sure. I would like mostly to get faster if this is gonna be worth saving $540 a year. I get charged $45 for each dog, each visit and I find they need a haircut every other month (6 times a year), so that’s how I came to $540.

Overall, I think I’ve spent $122 on the supplies mentioned above and a lot of those same items are on sale on

Do any of you groom your own dog? I would appreciate tips or advice for fidgety dogs.