The Handy Dandy Steam Mop

I bought the Hoover Twin Tank Disinfecting Steam Mop a week after Ellie came home this past Summer. I got the idea one day when I dropped off Argos at Doggy Day Care and I saw the staff cleaning up after the puppies with a steam mop. Ellie was peeing and pooping everywhere sooner than I could clean it up.

steam mop

Try as well and as fast I could, I could only really sweep and mop thoroughly about once a week. It’s a hassle! I have both tile and hardwood floors. We don’t wear shoes in the house on account of Chris being Asian and he really pushed for me to accept and adopt the no-shoe-policy. And so I deemed it unnecessary to clean the floors more than once a week. But when you have a shit machine, you can’t help but wonder if you might just be leaving traces on the floor and picking them up with your socks, and taking them on to your couch and on to your bed. Ugh!

So we bought us a steam mop. This much I like; no more buckets of water and cleaning solution being swung out of the bathtub and scooted around the apartment. The worst part was squeezing the yucky water out of the mop. I no longer have to do it and boy does it save me time. I also love that the head swivels and is easier to maneuver than a standard vacuum cleaner.

It claims to use steam to kill bacteria (MRSA, Salmonella, Staph). The only information available in this regard is that it is not pressurized steam. None pressurized steam, created by boiling water reaches a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. An autoclave (machines used to sterilize surgical instrument) have to reach this temperature and maintain it for a good 30 minutes. How can a mop that heats up in a minute have that same power to sterilize and kill such bacteria? I call bullshit. But what do I know?

There is also another tiny draw back. It doesn’t pick  up dirt as well as a regular mop does. This means I have to go over the floors twice to get the dirt off.

I do have to say, although I have to go over the floors twice to rid them of grit, this handy dandy mop still manages to save me quite a bit of time cleaning the floors.

Ellie doesn’t poop and pee in the apartment anymore, but I still use the mop because it saves me time cleaning. And that’s the only reason I still have it.

Do you have the low down and how these things really work? Or do you also suspect hocus pocus?