Jalama Beach

In June, Chris and I packed the dogs and took a tiny little road trip to Jalama Beach in Lompoc, CA 

The beach and camping grounds are quite beautiful in their Californian way. On one side you have hillside covered in dry brush and on the other side you get the cold and foaming Pacific Ocean. The campsites are only a few hundred feet from the actual sand and if you are lucky you can almost camp on the sand. We had stayed on the campsite a few years back and decided it would be a nice destination for one our weekend adventures . As always, I didn’t come to this decision until all the campsites were booked 5 months in advance and all I could get was a weekend in early June rather than late August when it’s typically warmer weather here in Southern California. I reserved us a camp space in early June knowing full well I’d be wearing my jacket the whole time.

We had come back from a beach vacation in Cancun a month earlier, so this was yet another reason I didn’t have a real interest in visiting Jalama Beach so early in June. But everything changed when I realize that the dogs could join us! Albeit leashed at all times, I thought it would be neat for Argos and Ellie to bury their feet in wet sand for the first time in their lives. Actually, I’m sure they don’t care for wet or dry sand or any other sand for that matter, all they cared about were the seagulls!

Bonfire Time!

Bonfire Time!

I’ve often talked about Ellie’s timidness and fear of stranger dogs and people. It was a risk to take Ellie on the trip and we did it knowing full well there was a chance we’d be headed right back home if something didn’t suit her. The beach is very windy all day and it gets worse at night. The beach campsite itself was quite crowded with families and their fury friends. Ellie bucks at the sight of other dogs or people she doesn’t know. She is startled by any off sound. So the first night, I didn’t take my eyes off of her. And you know what happened? Nothing. She didn’t care one bit about the wind, the dogs or the people. She was perfectly serene. At night she didn’t stir at the whipping sound of the wind against the tent. She just curled herself up and enjoyed our tented company.

A walk on the sand proved too much of a challenge for Argos. He kept lounging forward to get at the seagulls and Ellie kept trying to eat ocean debris. All in all, a great place for families and their dogs.