Paws Fur Pink 2014

This weekend Chris, his sister Tiffany, Ellie, Argos and I got out to stretch our legs at the second annual Paws Fur Pink 5k in Orange, California.

The weather was perfect, the skies were clear and the sun was shining. It was a very well attended event. We got there late by about 30 minutes and were erroneously informed that we could no longer participate in the un-timed 5k. We walked around for a little bit and then we were told by someone else that we could in fact still run the 5k, so we did.

We all had a great time! There were so many dogs of all shapes and sizes to support their humans. Argos did fantastic, smelled around, he barked and ran really well. Ellie on the other hand was really distracted by all the commotion and immediately resorted to incessant barking and whining. She was really uncomfortable. So while Tiffany, Argos and I walked around, Chris and Ellie hung out on the sidelines.

Photo (4) copy

Ellie, Argos and I after the run.

Once we started the 5k, Chris and Ellie took off and were out of sight shortly after that. Chris reports that the incessant barking stopped once she had to focus on matching his stride. Argos ran with Tiffany and me and kept an excellent pace. Overall, I am very proud of what we’ve done so far in terms of training the dogs to run at our side and to keep pace. I am really proud of myself because I never thought I would complete a 5k. Ever. So I am very much looking forward to attending more events like these in the future and to continue training in this manner for both my sake and the dogs’.

But before I get ahead of myself, I have to confess I am having trouble with Ellie. The incessant barking in particular makes it very difficult to go anywhere or meet anyone new. She’s a shy girl so I need to work on that before we decide to attend anymore events such as this. I am currently in love with the Paws Abilities Helping people enjoy their dogs blog  and I am planning on using their advice as a guideline to help Ellie feel more comfortable in different surroundings.