Pet Expenses November 2013

For some time now, I’ve wondered how much Chris and I spend on the dogs. Then, after all the expenses this past Summer, I really wondered how much we were spending and so finally I sat down and did something about that curiosity. I pulled up my statements beginning in January 2013 up to November 2013. Folks, no more wondering. So far, it’s about $2,000 and December is not included, as we are currently in December!

I’ve decided to back-post each month individually and reminiscence over those purchases. We didn’t adopt Ellie until June 2013 so the first half of the year is just the costs involved with Argos. The total sum of pet expenses will include Ellie’s adoption process, which although it was a one time thing, it is still money out of my bank account. In January 2014 I will write about 2013 as a whole and think of ways to save money where I can and I will continue monthly expense reports for the 2014 year.

Let me just lay on it a little longer.

Let me just lay on it a little longer.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve made some very foolish expenses and it was all because I didn’t care enough to do some research and prepare. For example, in September I bought a 27 oz. Canister of Greenies (96 count) for $29.93 on I use the Greenie treats to get my dogs to let me brush their teeth and groom their coats before bedtime. I keep the Greenies in a glass storage jar with airtight bail and seal closures to keep air and moisture out. It’s come to the point where if Argos and Ellie see a toothbrush in my hand, they know what time it is and wait patiently through brushing, combing and plucking just to have a Greenie. Then, while shopping for other supplies, this past month I decided to look up the price of the Greenies and it had significantly fallen. It had been about 2 months since my last Greenie box purchase so there was no purchase adjustment to be made by Amazon. I decided to buy another 27 oz. 96 count Greenies for $19 to stock up. That was a $10.93 difference and a mistake I won’t make again.

November 2013 Pet Expense Report

November 2013 Vendor Cost Individual Items
PetSmart 31.59
PetSmart 13.63 26.58 Greenies 27 oz canister 96 count & Zukes Roasted Chicken Treats 16 oz 32.67 Wahl Pet Pro Kit Grooming Kit 28.33 Earthborn Puppy Vantage 14 lb

Like I mentioned in Grooming Hairy Dogs I decided to groom Argos and Ellie on my own and save some serious money. So as you can see I put that plan into effect and purchased a grooming kit. I also restocked Ellie’s kibble and bought some more Greenies for $10 dollars less. I am trying to remember very hard what I purchased at PetSmart last month. I don’t go to PetSmart very often so it’s bothering me that I can’t clearly recall what I got. I know for sure there were the Top Paw Thining Shears (PetSmart) $14.99 and the Top Paw Ball Tipped Scissors (PetSmart) $13.99 that I mentioned in Grooming Hairy Dogs.

Wahl Pet Pro Grooming Kit

Wahl Pet Pro Grooming Kit

As much as I would like to have the ‘whole’ picture in regards to pet expenses for two dogs, that really won’t be possible to know for 2013 because, like I mentioned earlier, Ellie came to us mid-year and even that had great one-time costs. There is also the fact that although I try to put all dog related expenses in my joint account with Chris, sometime he pays things with his own credit card and then there are those random purchases that were grouped with personal or home purchases from Target or Ross, for example. I also noticed that I did not include what I have spent on toys this year and that is because all the toys that Ellie and Argos have used this year were toys that Argos had collected from a 3-month Barkbox subscription when they ran their Groupon offer sometime in 2012. Those toys have since been destroyed by Ellie’s ferocious teeth.

The BarkBox is a really cute and fun dog subscription box. The toys they sent were the things I enjoyed the most and the treats were a hit or miss with Argos. Their 12 month subscription is their more affordable option which would bring the down the monthly box price from $29 to $17~. I still think of the boxes as a little frivolous specially since I’ve made up my mind about saving as much as I can in 2014 on pet expenses. It goes without saying the I’ll never compromise the quality of their dog food & treats, Vet care, flea medication to save a few bucks. So I will definitely have to get creative to see where I can save.

So my New Year’s resolution for 2014 is as follows:

  • Save 50% of what I spent in 2013
  • Log every Ellie and Argos related purchase (food, toys, grooming supplies, pet supplies, treats, etc.)
  • Dog Insurance (I’ve been researching this matter and my findings will be published in a post to come)
  • More Dog exercise and socializing

How much did you spend on your pets this year?