Pet Expenses June 2014

The month of June saw the demise of a perfectly good collar and its matching harness, the first at the hands of Chris and the latter by Ellie’s piranha like teeth. This is the the fourth harness Ellie has destroyed, three of hers and one of Argos’s. I began using harnesses instead of collars when Argos was a puppy because he kept biting on the leash as we went for our walks. The harness minimized his ability to get at his leather leash (which is still looking beautiful after 4 years), it helped teach him to walk nicely at my side and I felt it was bit more humane than a collar. Fast forward to Ellie’s arrival and she quickly let us know she would not be shackled by measly nylon! She sooner broke out of her own harness than I could spin around to  to clean up all the pee puddles left in her stead. She also took it upon herself to liberate Argos from his  shackle. Collars all around then!

Chris broke the clasp on the collar. It too proved to be measly.

So when I wasn’t dealing with broken dog equipment, I was dealing with Ellie’s bum.

Ellie’s Bum

sick dog

Mid May, we noticed a couple of red dots between her anus and vagina. I thought it was nothing, maybe a couple of flea bites or something. The dots began to increase, and Ellie kept biting her butt…in an attempt to satiate the itching perhaps but exacerbating the visible irritation. Whatever it was, it wasn’t going away so I took her to Veterinarian to put her out of her misery. Now, let me explain the hesitation in taking her in. This had already happened in the past. The Vet had determined that it had been fleas somehow congregating at her rear end and so his solution was to switch both the dogs from Frontline to Revolution flea medication. The problem soon went away. I fell in love with Revolution because I have not seen a single flea on either dog since I first started using this last year. On Frontline, I always had to pick one or two fleas out of Argos during his weekly showers. So I was hoping that I could figure out what was irritating Ellie’s butt because it was obviously not fleas. I couldn’t find a single one on her coat or skin.

The Vet came to the same conclusion and the challenge still remains, what gives Ellie a rash every once in a while? He gave her a Convenia and Dexamethason injection (antibiotic and corticosteroid respectively) and put her on 5 mg Prednisone for a week and a half. Sure enough, rash was gone in a few days and has not returned. No clue what caused it.

A couple of weeks later, I took Ellie back to the Veterinarian for her yearly vaccination boosters. And because we love Revolution so much, I had to re-order another 12 month supply of flea medication that should last us till December.


dogs camping

But all these little set backs were worth it because for a whole weekend at the beginning of June we had a chance to drive up to Santa Barbara county to Jalama Beach in Lompoc, CA. We camped out on the beach for two days and two nights. We had been planning to do this for some time and when I realized they allowed dogs, it was a done deal. We’ll talk about it in detail in another post.

All that adventure put us out a cool $415. Here’s the breakdown.