Meclizine, Miracle Drug for Carsickness?

Yes! Meclizine is an antihistamine that suppresses nausea and vomiting. Like I’ve mentioned before, car sickness is something Ellie has struggled with since we met her. On her first car ride home from the shelter, the poor thing arrived wet with slobber from snout to belly. Obviously, I didn’t realize what was going on, it wasn’t until we kept taking her out for car rides that we noticed the pattern.

The Shelter Veterinarian where I had been taking her, assured me that she would grow out of it. It was an ear thing they said. It was a puppy thing, others said. I was advised to give her Benadryl when planning to travel to help with the nausea. That, however, worked once and never again. It was more trouble trying to get her to swallow the darn pill than what it actually did to help her. So what did I do? I stopped putting her in the car unless absolutely necessary. Because we don’t frequent groomers or parks on a regular basis, this worked out for a while.

Due to other health issues, I ended up switching to a trusted Veterinarian I had visited with Argos in the past when we resided in Orange County. These ‘other’ health issues that I shall discuss with you at a later time, forced me to find a better Veterinarian for Ellie, we were desperate. The Commonwealth Animal Hospital welcomed us back with open arms. After a thorough consultation with his new patient, Dr. David Johnson prescribed Ellie Meclizine 25 mg for those traveling days. He quickly figured out what was going on when Ellie, yet again, was wet with slobber and I had traces of half digested kibble on my jacket from that morning’s breakfast. I have to say, there has been a lot of trial and error when it’s anything to do with Ellie, so I took the prescription but I had very little hope of it working.

But it worked! Over the Christmas holidays, while making our rounds about the city visiting friends and kinfolk, we decided to give Ellie a pill to try. It’s chicken flavored Sharon said (Dr. Johnson’s office manager), but Ellie wasn’t having it. She spit it out 3 times before I gave up and covered in peanut butter. We went all day without a drop of drool or vomit. ‘Twas a Christmas miracle!

Meclizine is a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating the symptoms of motion sickness and vertigo. Ellie is approximately 20 lbs., which means one 25 mg pill’s effectiveness lasts all day. Some side effects may include drowsiness and dry mouth (in humans) and to be on the safe side, I’ll be sure to administer the medication only when I know she’ll have a relatively sedentary day.

So for those of you out there with dogs who get motion sickness, skip the Benadryl and ask your Veterinarian about other options. Because let me tell you something, there are definitely other options.

All those of you who know what half digested kibble smells like, let me hear you say “There’s hope!”